Arif Technologies is a technology company established in 2018GC under the name Atsede Sahile Menje and currently managed by Abel Endale; that specializes in technologies and securities by utilizing industry specific specialists and experienced staff to target client objectives and develop effective services.


To deliver the best, quality and affordable technologies and solutions for our clients to improve their work efficiency.


To be the technology company trusted by its customers for delivering the latest technology and the reliable security solution provider.

Why Choose Us

We stand out from the crowd in various ways

Quality Product

We not only provide quality product, we make sure customers are satisfied by our product and service

Secure Payment

We provide a secured and different payment options for our local customers

24/7 Support

If you get any difficulty getting your product at prescribed time, we are welcome to help your need

Our Team

Our staff is dedicated in giving the best service you deserve

Abel Endale
Kirubel Seifu
Sales Export
Aster Bereka
Nuna Endale
Junior Sales and Social Media Marketer
Addis Assefa
Senior Technical Support
Samuel Endale
Junior Technical Support